Alessandra Villegas

"Entrepreneurs Movement"

In 2018 Alessandra created a movement called "ENTREPRENEURS" which aims to advise and develop processes that provide fundamental tools that she herself has obtained throughout her successful experience in the business world, to women who are already Entrepreneurs or want to undertake and thus achieve their goals in an effective, efficient and conscious way, not only in the workplace but also emotionally, which ensures is vital for the prosperity of any venture. Guiding them in their product or service development strategies, digital marketing, emotional intelligence and financial order is the main objective.

Business Woman

In turn, Villegas found a deep passion for the business world which she has been developing successfully in recent years. She owns a handbag & accessory brand VJ COLLECTIONS, a company that has proudly grown in record time due to her knowledge of digital marketing and business skills. 


Alongside this venture, AVA Entertainment was born, a company dedicated to providing digital marketing training services to diverse companies and personal brands.

TV Host

After completing her studies in "Public Relations" in the United States, Alessandra Villegas achieved a successful artistic career on Hispanic television as TV Host of various entertainment shows on Telemundo, Univision, Hola TV, currently Vme TV. Also she is currently the official Presenter of Miami Fashion Week 2018, 2019 and 2020, all as a result of her education, discipline and the passion she feels for what she does.

Brand Ambassador/Influencer

Villegas is considered an “Influencer” in social networks since she has an immense community of followers which she herself says “have become their allies and accomplices to achieve success in their endeavors”.

Ambassador of brands such as Neutrogena, Drunk Elephant, Crystal Path Autism Learning Center, Gray Goose, Joolz among others.

Alessandra has enjoyed her motherhood for more than a year with his 8-year partner, the renowned entertainer Daniel Sarcos.


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